ClearWater™ Pool Chemicals

Clearwater™ Pool Chemicals range includes everything you need to maintain healthy & happy water including pool starter kits, multifunction tablets, dip tests and much more!

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ClearWater™ Pool Chemicals

1Kg pH Plus


Key Features:
  • 1kg container of pH Plus solution
  • Increases pH level of pool water
  • Enables chlorine treatment to work more effectively
  • Simply dissolve in container and add to water
Only £8.99
1.5 Kg pH Minus


Key Features:
  • 1kg container of pH Minus solution
  • Decreases pH level of pool water
  • Enables chlorine treatment to work more effectively
  • Simply dissolve in container & add to water


Only £8.99
1 Litre Clarifier


Key Features:
  • Simply mix with water & add to swimming pool
  • Used when pool water is looking dull & cloudy
  • Binds small particles together to enable filtering
  • Great for getting rid of dead algae & grime
Only £8.99
Pool Water Chemical Tester - Aquatester


Key Features:
  • Electronically tests pH & chlorine
  • Provides instant & accurate results
  • Easily improve chemical balance
  • Simply dip in water to test
  • Provides instant & accurate results
  • Easy to read instruction manual
  • Only £24.99 Out Of Stock
    Clearwater Qik Tabs

    ITEM REF: CH0022

    Key Features:

    • Fast dissolving chlorine tablets
    • Allows for precise dosage 
    • Minimal effect on pool pH levels
    • Easy handling benefits


    Only £14.99
    Clearwater Pre-Filled Pop Up Floaters (2 Pack)

    ITEM REF: CH0023

    Key Features:

    • Eliminates harmful organisms
    • Convenient way to sanitise water
    • Adjustable chemical release
    • Ideal for small pools up to 500 gallons (3,270L)
    • Contains 2 x 80g floaters
    Only £11.99 Out Of Stock
    1Kg Clearwater Multi-Function Tablets

    ITEM REF: CH0020

    Key Features:
    • Slowly releases chemicals
    • Contain chlorine to sanitise pool
    • Contains algaecide & clarifier 
    • 5 x 200g individually wrapped tabs
    • For use with pools 15ft +
    • For use with a 6.5 Inch Chemical Floater
    Only £14.99 Out Of Stock
    2kg Multifunction Tablets (10 x 200g tablets)

    ITEM REF: CH0003

    Key Features:
    • Includes 10 x 200g individually wrapped tablets
    • Use with Bestway Chemical Floater 6.5in
    • Slowly releases chlorine, algaecide & clarifier
    • For Spas & Pools over 15ft


    Only £24.99 Out Of Stock
    Multifunction Tablet Bundle (Pools 15ft or Smaller)


    Key Features:
    • Suitable for Pools 15ft or Under
    • Slow Release Tablets
    • 50 x 20g Tablets per Pack
    • Chlorine, Algaecide & Clarifier in 1
    • Includes 2 Packs of Tablets
    • Includes 1 Chemical Floater
    Now £28.99
    Was £33.97
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    1kg Multifunction Mini Tablets (50 x 20g tablets)

    ITEM REF: CH0019

    Key Features:
    • Includes 50 x 20g blue tablets
    • Slow release tablets contain chlorine, algaecide & clarifier
    • Suitable for pools under 15ft & hot tubs
    • Suitable for use with Bestway Chemical Floater 5in

    Only £14.99

    ClearWater™ Pool Chemicals

    Discover the Clearwater Pool Chemicals range, including everything you need to treat and maintain healthy swimming pool water. By caring for your swimming pool with the correct pool chemicals, you will not only kill potentially dangerous bacteria and keep your pool water safe to swim in, but also prolong the life of your pool, pump and filter.

    It is essential to ensure that you follow correct water maintenance procedures when treating your above ground pool. Clearwater Pool Chemicals come with clear instructions and guides on using the chemicals and these should be strictly adhered to ensure that your pool water is sanitised and balanced. Bacteria will rapidly multiply in water that is left un-sanitised and in some cases, even though water may look clear, it does not mean that is is healthy.

    The Clearwater Pool Starter Kit is an effective and easy to use solution for looking after your above ground swimming pool, as it includes everything you need for many months of  pool treatment such as chlorine granules, pH plus, pH minus, algaecide, 25 test strips and a useful pool treatment guide. We also  have a range of chemicals to buy individually, for maintaining a healthy pool, from multifunction tablets for use in chemical floaters, to chlorine granules and algaecide.