Inflatable Boats & Rafts

74” Hydro-Force Red Inflatable Boat with Oars


Key Features:
  • Size: 1.88 m x 98 cm (74” x 39”)
  • 1 adult + 1 child inflatable
  • Includes two oars & pump
  • Strong pre-tested vinyl rubber
  • Great to take out on Day Trips, Camping Weekends or Fishing
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Inflatable Boats & Rafts

Row, row , row your boat gently down the stream!

Relax and unwind with a gentle row on your local lake or pool on a warm summers day, with the Bestway range of inflatbale boats and rafts.

From small one person inflatable blow ups to 3 person inflatable dinghies, the Bestway boats and rafts range come in a variety of shapes and sizes, meaning there's something to suit everyone's boating needs!


Perfect for use in a Bestway Above Ground Swimming Pool, kids can choose from a selection of boats from one of our biggest: the 3.48m Voyager 500 Inflatable Boat in Green right down to one of our smallest: the 1.45m Grey Inflatable RX-2000 Boat.

We also have range of oars, from a basic 3' Wooden & Plastic Oar right up to our Multifunctional Aluminium Oars for every ride.