Interactive Paddling Pools

Splash & Play Basketball Play Kids Pool


Key Features:
  • 2 x inflatable hoops & 2 x balls
  • Water capacity 75% 636L
  • Quick & easy to set up
  • Pool Size: 2.54m x 1.68m x 1.02m
  • Repair patch included
  • Suitable for children aged 3+ years
  • Only £39.99 Out Of Stock
    Splash & Play Cannon Ball Pool

    ITEM REF: BW53054

    Key Features:
    • Doubles up as ball pit or paddling pool (276L capacity)
    • Active game gets kids moving
    • Comes complete with repair patch

    Only £64.99 Out Of Stock
    1-2-3 Train Activity Pool

    ITEM REF: BW54109

    Key Features:
  • Colourful train print
  • Size: 2.00m x 1.50m (approx.)
  • Includes inflatable helicopter 
  • 4x inflatable trains Included
  • Water Capacity: (75%) 225L
  • Repair patch included
  • For ages 3+
  • Only £24.99 Out Of Stock
    Inflatable Pirate Play Pool with Water Cannon

    ITEM REF: BW53041

    Key Features:
  • Ships wheel & water cannon
  • Size: 1.90m x 1.40m (approx.)
  • Comes with 2 inflatable swords
  • Water Capacity: (75%) 190L
  • Repair patch included
  • For ages 3+
  • Only £32.99 Out Of Stock
    Angry Birds Interactive Pool

    ITEM REF: BW96111

    Key Features:
    • Provides hours of interactive water fun!
    • The garden Angry Birds Game!
    • Active game gets kids moving
    Now £31.49
    Was £39.99
    Out Of Stock
    Inflate-A-Volley Pool

    ITEM REF: BW54125

    Key Features:
    • Children can perfect their volleying skills
    • I-Beam Construction is super durable and sturdy
    • Complete with inflatable volley ball

    Only £34.99 Out Of Stock
    Interactive Fire Truck Playpool

    ITEM REF: BW53047

    Key Features:
    • Easy set up: connects to standard garden hoses
    • Provides hours of interactive water fun!
    • Active game gets kids moving

    Only £44.99 Out Of Stock

    Interactive Paddling Pools

    Bestway's range of Interactive Paddling Pools will encourage kids to play out in the garden until their heart's content. They'll simply never get bored! 

    Check out the Angry Birds Interactive Pool which brings the famous gaming app out in to the garden this summer. Kids have to use the catapult to knock down the pigs using the blow up Angry Birds whilst splashing around in the water to cool off!

    Or how about the Splash & Play Cannon Ball Pool which involves sliding don the slide and landing as close to the centre of the bulls eye target as possible. The slide even detaches so it can be used as part of an assault course elsewhere! 

    Got a couple of competitive kids that need tiring out? Then the Inflate-A-Volley Pool is the interactive paddling pool for you! Complete with volleyball, this can be filled with colourful game balls or water to soften the blow of the dives they make to reach that volley!

    Browse this exciting category today and give the littluns more than just a paddling pool this summer!