16ft Pools & Under (<4.88m)

Got 16 feet to play with? See all of our Above Ground Pools under 16ft.

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16ft Pools & Under (<4.88m)

8ft Fast Set™ Pool (2,300L)


Key Features:
  • Water Capacity (80%): 2,300L 
  • Size: 8ft x 26in (2.44m x 0.66m)
  • Tri-Tech™ material for strength
  • Flow control valve for easy draining
  • 6 months warranty
Only £39.99

16ft Pools & Under (<4.88m)

Are you looking for an Above Ground Pool and have up to 16ft of space in your garden?? Then look no further! Above, we have compiled a selection of all of our Above Ground Pools which are 16 feet or less in diameter. 

We have a wide range of pool styles and designs in this category including our easy-to-set-up Fast Set Pools which you simply inflate the top ring and fill with water, our solid and robust Steel Frame Pools featuring non-corrosive metal poles for superior structural stability and our Steel Wall Pools which offer a pool design built to withstand exposure to ultraviolet rays, chlorine & large water volume, a pool which will sand the test of time.

Looking for something a little smaller? See pools under 12 ft here.