Kids Paddling Pools

What do kids love more than splashing around in paddling pools in the summer sun? Discover the perfect paddling pool for your garden in our paddling pools collection!

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Kids Paddling Pools

3 Ring Summer Colours Paddling Pool 102cm


Key Features:
  • 3 multi-coloured ring design
  • Soft inflatable floor
  • Water Capacity: (75%) 110L
  • Size: 1.02m x 25cm
  • For children aged 3yrs +
  • Repair patch included
  • Only £9.99 Out Of Stock
    Deluxe Octagon Family Pool

    ITEM REF: BW54119

    Key Features:
    • Doubles up as ball pit or paddling pool (1030L capacity)
    • I-Beam Construction is extra sturdy and durable
    • Four cup holders for ultimate lounging

    Only £79.99 Out Of Stock
    Deluxe Inflatable Family Pool 1302L

    ITEM REF: BW54009

    Key Features:
  • Water capacity 75% 1302L
  • Sturdy I-beam construction
  • Extra wide side walls
  • Pool Size: 3.05m x 1.83m x 56cm
  • Heavy duty repair patch included
  • Suitable for children aged 6+ years
  • Only £39.99
    Turtle Totz Play Pool

    ITEM REF: BW52219

    Key Features:
    • 1.09m x 96cm x 1.04m / 43" x 38" x 41"
    • Inflatable Sun Shade
    • Soft inflatable floor provides added comfort 
    Only £24.99
    Interactive Crab Play Pool

    ITEM REF: BW53058

    Key Features:
    • 1.65m x 1.50m x 63cm / 65" x 59" x 25"
    • Water sprayers attaches to garden hose
    • Water sprays from the 4 claws - step on the middle button in the pool to have water sprays at random
    • Includes 4 PVC ring tosses

    Only £43.99 Out Of Stock
    HotWheels 3-Ring Pool

    ITEM REF: BW93403

    Key Features:
    • 1.22m x H25cm / 48" x H10"
    • 3 equal rings
    • Designed water capacity 140L (40 gal.)
    Only £14.99 Out Of Stock
    Barbie 3-Ring Pool

    ITEM REF: BW93205

    Key Features:
    • 1.22m x H30cm / 48" x H12"
    • 3 equal rings
    • Designed water capacity: 200L (53 gal.)
    Only £14.99 Out Of Stock
    Disney Princess Baby Pool

    ITEM REF: BW91046

    Key Features:
    • High walls support toddlers
    • Genuine Disney Princess design!
    • Strong & durable three ring construction

    Only £9.49 Out Of Stock
    Disney Princess 3 Ring Inflatable Kids Pool

    ITEM REF: BW91047

    Key Features:
  • Disney Princess exterior graphics
  • Water capacity 75% 167L
  • Quick & easy to set up
  • Pool Size: 1.22m x 25cm
  • Repair patch included
  • Suitable for children aged 3+ years
  • Only £15.99 Out Of Stock
    Shaded Play Pool

    ITEM REF: BW52189

    Key Features:
    • Use as ball pit or paddling pool 
    • 26L capacity
    • Padded floor for added comfort
    • Guards from harsh sun rays
    • Available in two different designs
    Only £17.99 Out Of Stock

    Kids Paddling Pools

    Bestway Paddling Pools provide a safe space for children to splash around, practice paddling and have fun in the water. From quick set-up kids paddling pools to hard-wearing metal frame swimming pools, there’s a Splash & Play™ design to suit every outdoor space and requirement in the Bestway Paddling Pools collection. 

    My First Fast Set™ Pools are great for parents who don’t want to leave their children’s paddling pool up for a prolonged period of time. The Splash & Play™ pool features an inflatable top ring which parents simply blow up before filling the bowl with water. As it fills up the garden pool automatically takes shape and rises. Kids will be hitting the water quicker than a starving seagull to a school of sardines and the fun swimming pool is just as simple to drain out and pack away! 

    For something a little more permanent during those long, sweltering, summer months, parents should look no further than My First Frame™ Pools. The paddling pools for kids are available in a variety of sizes and colours and are constructed using rust-resistant metal frames and tough PVC and polyester 3-ply walls. They’re great for practicing paddling techniques and plunging beneath the surface! 

    Other swimming pools for kids include a Splash & Play Interactive 3D Adventure Pool. The pirate paddling pool shares its design with the Bestway My First Fast Set™ Pools, only with 3D imagery running around the inside – including Captain Crabity-Crab and first mate Sharkity-Shark-Shark! The above ground kid’s swimming pool comes with two sets of 3D goggles and pieces of eight that children can try and locate at the bottom of the water. Shiver me timbers! 

    Whatever your size range, whatever your price range, you’ll find a paddling pool to match that’s guaranteed to cause a splash in the Bestway Paddling Pools collection!