Pool Lights & Alarms

Bestway Swimming Pool Lights & Alarms are floating devices that add sparkle to the water and provide peace of mind to pool owners with pets or young children.

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Pool Lights & Alarms

Floating Pool Thermometer


Key Features:
  • Simply floats on the water’s surface
  • Made from corrosion-proof ABS
  • Gives temperature in °F or °C
  • Reads temperature up to 50°C
  • Suitable for all Above Ground Swimming Pools


Only £3.99
Floating Animal Pool Thermometer


Key Features:
  • Made from corrosion-proof ABS plastic
  • Gives temperature in °F or °C
  • Reads temperature up to 50°C
  • Suitable for all above ground swimming pools


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Swimming Pool Alarm


Key Features:
  • Pool surface alarm warns of motion on the water
  • Motion sensitivity can be adjusted during bad weather
  • Plug receiver can be placed up to 25 metres away
  • Backup safeguard for children & pets
Only £29.99 Out Of Stock
Floating Solar Lamp


Key Features:
  • Solar lamp turns on automatically at night
  • Waterproof lamp stores sun’s energy
  • Extra-long 8 hour running time
  • Multi-colour alternating lights


Only £9.99 Out Of Stock

Pool Lights & Alarms

Bestway Pool Lights & Alarms are floating pool accessories that add a decorative glow to a pool and ensure peace of mind for parents. Swimming Pool Lights add sparkle to the water on a dark, summer evening whilst the swimming pool alarm system warns owners of sudden movement on the water when their pool is unattended. 

Floating Solar Lamps are great for late night BBQs and swimming pool parties. The swimming pool lamps are left on the water during the day, absorbing solar energy before automatically turning on at night. The swimming pool lighting alternates between a dazzling range of colours, including green, yellow and blue, producing a stunning, kaleidoscopic glow on the surface of the water. 

Pool owners with pets or children will find the Bestway Swimming Pool Alarm an essential piece of pool safety equipment. One part of the pool alarm floats on the surface of the water, whilst the other section plugs into a suitable home socket. When motion is detected on the water a high-frequency warning is sent out to alert pool owners. 

Both pieces of pool equipment have been specially designed to take up as little swimming space as possible, providing ample room to splash around and experience the best that your Bestway Above Ground Pool has to offer!