Pool Heaters, Pumps & Filters

Bestway Heaters, Pumps & Filters is home to replacement filter cartridges, quality filter systems and pool heaters, which help to maintain a happy, healthy swimming environment.

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Pool Heaters, Pumps & Filters

Pool Heater


Key Features:
  • Ideal for 15ft pools or smaller
  • Compatible with Bestway Sand & Filter Pumps
  • Full detailed instructions included
  • Heats between 0.5C & 1.5C p/h
Only £159.99
Electric Pool & Drain Water Pump 800gal p/h


Key Features:
  • Quick & efficient way to drain pool water
  • Includes with extra-long drain hose & attachments
  • Made from tough corrosive-proof material
  • Pumps 800gal (3,028L) of water per hour
Only £74.99 Out Of Stock
Aquafeed Chlorinator


Key Features:
  • An easy, clean and safe way to disinfect your pool
  • Large capacity
  • Convenient way to chlorinate your pool
Only £32.99
Solar Heating Pool Pad


Key Features:
  • 1.10m x 1.71m / 43" x 67"
  • Compatible with all above ground pools
  • Easy set up with included adaptors compatible with 3.2cm and 3.8cm hoses

Only £84.99
Filter Cartridge 2PK (Size 2 for 530/800 gal/hr pumps)


Key Features:
  • Compatible with Bestway 530/800 gal/hr Filter Pump
  • Contains two 4.2in x 5.4in Filter Cartridges
  • Ensures that filter pump runs more efficiently
  • Should be replaced every 2 to 3 weeks


Only £8.99
800gal Flowclear Filter Pump


Key Features:
  • Capacity : 800 gal./h (3,028 L/h)
  • System flow rate 580 gal./h
  • For use with 1,100-17,400 L pools
  • Comes with 4.2” x 5.4” filter cartridge
  • Comes with all hoses and attachments
  • CE Approved
Only £49.99 Out Of Stock
530gal Flowclear Sand Filter Pump


Key Features:
  • Pump capacity: 530 gal./h (2,006 L/h)
  • Powerful and effective filtration
  • Backwash and rinse features
  • Durable and corrosion proof
  • Use with 1,100 - 16,000L pools
  • No need to change filter
Only £129.99 Out Of Stock
1000gal Flowclear Sand Filter Pump


Key Features:
  • Pump capacity: 3,785L/h (1,000 gal./h)
  • Powerful and effective filtration
  • Backwash and rinse features
  • Durable and corrosion proof
  • No need to change filter
  • Perfect for pools up to 30,200L
Only £189.99 Out Of Stock
Floating Pool Thermometer


Key Features:
  • Simply floats on the water’s surface
  • Made from corrosion-proof ABS
  • Gives temperature in °F or °C
  • Reads temperature up to 50°C
  • Suitable for all Above Ground Swimming Pools


Only £3.99 Out Of Stock
Filter Cartridge Cleaner


Key Features:
  • Use to clean filter cartridges of all Bestway pools
  • Helps keep pool water at its optimum level
  • Save money on filter cartridges
  • Rinse dirt & debris off with ease
  • Suitable for all brands of woven filter cartridge

Only £12.99 Out Of Stock

Pool Heaters, Pumps & Filters

Bestway Pumps & Filters are essential for eliminating impurities in your above ground pool and retaining a healthy swimming environment. The collection is also home to an easy-to-operate Bestway Pool Heating System, which increases water temperature for a more comfortable soak or swim.

Although a large number of Bestway Pools come with water filtration systems they still need their pool filter cartridge, which traps grime and dirt, replaced on a regular basis. Inside the Bestway Filter collection are a range of replacement cartridges to suit every Bestway filter system.

You’ll also find a variety of Flowclear™ filter pumps designed to fit specific Bestway Swimming Pools. There are also advanced filtration systems available, including swimming pool sand filters and the exceptional Flowclear™ Ozonator, an environmentally friendly device that generates ozone and requires little more than dry air to maintain a healthy pool. Other products include the Flowclear™ Chlorinator, which eliminates the use of pool chemicals and purifies water without burning eyes or irritating skin.

To experience the finest your Bestway Above Ground Swimming Pool has to offer it’s essential that you have a fully operating pool filter system and regularly change your filter cartridge. Thankfully, finding the right set-up for your above ground pool couldn’t be easier with the Bestway Pool Heaters, Pumps & Filters collection.