Pool Clean & Maintenance Kits

Contains all the equipment you need to maintain a clean + healthy swimming environment.

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Pool Clean & Maintenance Kits

Angler Pool Vacuum


Key Features:
  • Remove hard-to-reach algae & grime 
  • Strong & durable bristles
  • Powered by filter pump
  • Size: 28cm x 15.2cm (11” x 6”)
  • Compatible with pool cleaning poles that are 30mm (1.2" inner diameter)
  • Poles not included

Only £13.99
Pool+ 30mm Pole


Key Features:
  • Length: 2.41m (95")
  • Inner diameter: 30mm (1.2")
  • Lightweight aluminum shaft
  • Compatible with Aqua BroomNet & Vacuum
  • Clean those hard to reach places
Only £14.99 Out Of Stock
Pool Surface Skimmer


Key Features:
  • Compatible with flow rate pumps of 800 gal/hr (3,028 L/hr) or more
  • Compatible with Fast Set™ measuring 15ft or more
  • Compatible with Steel Frame measuring 15ft or more
  • Compatible with Rectangular Frame and Oval Fast Set™ pools
Only £24.99 Out Of Stock
Filter Cartridge Cleaner


Key Features:
  • Use to clean filter cartridges of all Bestway pools
  • Helps keep pool water at its optimum level
  • Save money on filter cartridges
  • Rinse dirt & debris off with ease
  • Suitable for all brands of woven filter cartridge

Only £12.99 Out Of Stock
Swimming Pool Cleaning Kit


Key Features:
  • Vacuum connects to filter pump for easy cleaning
  • Extra-long hose and pole for large diameter pools
  • Comes with attachments to fit a variety of filter pumps
  • Compatible with all Bestway above ground pools


Only £49.99 Out Of Stock
Clean Cast Pool Skimmer Set


Key Features:
  • Pool cleaning net and pole
  • Length: 1.62m (63.7”)
  • Telescopic aluminium pole
  • Durable mesh leaf net
  • Lightweight and extendable
  • Pool maintenance equipment
Only £14.99
Underwater Adhesive Pool Repair Kit


Key Features:
  • Repair pools without emptying
  • 10 x repair patches
  • 42cm stick-on patches
  • Waterproof pool repairs
Only £2.99 Out Of Stock
Pool Water Chemical Tester - Aquatester


Key Features:
  • Electronically tests pH & chlorine
  • Provides instant & accurate results
  • Easily improve chemical balance
  • Simply dip in water to test
  • Provides instant & accurate results
  • Easy to read instruction manual
  • Only £24.99 Out Of Stock
    Repair Patch

    ITEM REF: BW62021

    Key Features:
    • Suitable for all inflatables, pools and spas
    • Extend your product’s life
    • 10 pieces included
    • Easy stick on patches – no mess!

    Only £1.99 Out Of Stock
    Automatic Pool Cleaner

    ITEM REF: BW58304

    Key Features:
    • Ideal solution for all-round pool cleaning
    • Extremely easy-to-use
    • Collects debris such as sand, dirt and leaves
    • Takes pressure off of the filter pump
    • For soft wall pools from 15ft to 16ft

    Only £129.99 Out Of Stock

    Pool Clean & Maintenance Kits

    Bestway Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Kits are essential for cleaning a swimming pool and maintaining a healthy swimming environment. The collection contains swimming pool cleaning supplies to suit individual budgets and specific Bestway Pools in the collection. 

    Among the available items are a Pool Surface Skimmer, which attaches to a Bestway Filter Pump and mounts on the pool wall, sucking up loose leaves and unwanted debris from the water. The collection also includes a superb Swimming Pool Vacuum, which also attaches to a Bestway Filter Pump and is manoeuvred across the surface of the water to suck up detritus, litter and grime. Chemical Floaters, which gradually release cleansing chemicals, are also included in the collection.

    Alternatively there are a range of Swimming Pool Maintenance and Pool Cleaning Kits available, containing surface skimmers, vacuums and other cleaning equipment in one bumper package. When it comes to having a happy and healthy swim, splash or paddle, Bestway Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Kits are absolutely essential swimming pool supplies.