1,000gal Flowclear™ Sand Filter

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1,000gal Flowclear Sand Filter | Swimming Pool Pump Filters | Bestway UK
Image of the Bestway® BW58257 1000 gal swimming pool water sand filter pump
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Key Features:

  • Cost effective swimming pool filter
  • Utilises sand/silica to filter water
  • No need to replace filter cartridges
  • Strainer for separating debris
  • Pristine & clean water!

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Bestway 1,000gal Flowclear™ Sand Filter is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to keep a steady flow of clean, clear water circulating around your Bestway pool. It also rids water of dead leaves, drowned bugs and outdoor debris that can transform a pristine pool into a stinking, steaming cesspit. It's a great upgrade from a normal pump system!

 Unlike the cartridges used in standard filter pumps the swimming pool sand filter uses 18kg of silica sand to filter dirty water. The sand water filter is connected to a pool using two separate hoses. One hose pumps water through the filter via a swimming pool outlet; the other hose sends filtered water down a hose and into a swimming pool inlet.

 Once water enters the sand filtration system it has to bypass the silica sand. It’s a highly effective way to purify water because the sand is so miniscule and compact. Whilst liquid effortlessly pumps through it, other dirt and debris is too solid and gets trapped in-between the sand or stuck on the surface. The sand filter pump even has a strainer to separate rough debris, such as dead leaves. The filter pump also has a hard wearing, corrosion proof filter tank to withstand rain or overflowing water.

 One of the benefits of using a sand filter for swimming pools is that you don’t have to replace a filter cartridge or rinse it out on a regular basis. When the pressure gauge reaches red you simply turn the ‘backwash’ setting on the control valve. Once the backwash is complete and a waste hose has been connected it’s time to use the ‘rinse’ setting. This dumps your waste water in an appropriate area of an outdoor space or garden.

 Bestway 1,000gal Flowclear™ Sand Filter is compatible with Fast Set™ Pools and Steel Frame Pools measuring 15ft to 18ft. It’s just one of many products designed to make pool maintenance as easy as a doggy paddle. For cleaning kits, pool vacuums, water purifying gadgets and much, much more, check out the Bestway Pool Accessories range!


  • Specifications: 220-240V ~ 50Hz, 200W, Class I Pump
  • Flow Rate: 1,000 gal/hr (3,785 L/hr)
  • Requires: 18kg of sand. Size 20 silica. 0.45 - 0.85mm.
  • Compatible with 15ft – 18ft Fast Set™ Pools
  • Compatible with 15ft – 18ft Steel Frame Pools
  • Box Dimension: Length: 60cm | Depth: 46cm | Height: 49cm
  • Warranty: Sand Filter motor - 12 Months
  • Warranty: Sand Filter Casing - 12Months
  • Warranty: Control Valve - 12 Months
  • Warranty: Handle - 12 Months
  • Warranty: Hoses and Accessories - 1 Month



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