530gal Flowclear Filter Pump

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530 gal Flow Clear Filter Pump | Swimming Pool Pumps | Bestway UK
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Key Features:

  • Capacity : 530 gal./h (2,006 L/h)
  • System flow rate 480 gal./h
  • For use with 1,100-14,300L pools
  • Comes with 4.2” x 5.4” filter cartridge
  • Comes with all hoses and attachments
  • CE Approved

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Thinking of upgrading your outdoor swimming pool experience? If your above ground pool isn’t part of a set which already includes a filter pump, the FlowclearTM filter pump is an essential piece of kit.

Simply, Easy and Economic

Unless you want to constantly be replacing your swimming pool water, which can be costly and time consuming, you will need some sort of pool filter system to keep your water clean and clear of debris. Filter cartridge pumps are an economical and convenient way to keep your pool water clean, and are so simple to set up.

The Filter System

The 530gal Flowclear Filter pump come with a 4.2in x 5.4in filter cartridge that can be simply and easily replaced. Even if you are swimming in your pool every day, a cartridge will last a minimum of two weeks, and much longer if you keep your pool covered and protected.

The Pump System

The Flowclear 530gal filter pump can process up to 530gal of pool water per hour, that’s a 2,006 L/hr capacity.

Once the pump is connected to the pool and the filter system, the pump can push through 480gal of water per hour (1,817L/hr system flow rate). This integrated system flow rate makes the 530gal pump perfect for Bestway pools with a volume of 1,100 litres – 14,300 litres such as Steel Frame and Fast Set Pools.

Comes with all pipes and fittings

Both hoses and a 4.2in x 5.4in filter cartridge are included with the filter pump for swimming pools. Durable clamps to secure the pipes are also included with the pump filter, and work with the integrated inlet and outlet holes that Bestway pools come with to conveniently connect to the swimming pool pump.

Includes a Simple Manual

Bestway Filter Pumps comes with an installation manual to guide you through the simple set-up process. Whatever your Bestway pool size, you’ll find a swimming pool pump and filter to suit in the Bestway Pool Accessories collection.



  • 220-240V~50Hz, 29W
  • Pump’s water flow rate (pump capacity ): 2,006 L/h (530 gal./h)
  • Integrated pool system water flow rate (system flow rate): 1,817 L/h (480 gal./h)
  • For use with 1,100-14,300 L (300-3,800 gallons) pools
  • Comes with 4.2” x 5.4” filter cartridge
  • Comes with all hoses and attachments
  • CE Approved


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