Filter Cartridge for 2,500gal/hr pumps

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Filter Cartridge for 2,500 gal/hr pumps | Swimming Pool Filter Cartridges | Bestway UK
Image of the Bestway® replacement 2500 gal filter pump cartridge
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Key Features:

  • Compatible with Bestway 2,500gal Filter Pump
  • Contains one 5.6in x 10in Filter Cartridge
  • Should be replaced every 2 to 3 weeks
  • Helps to maintain clean, clear & healthier pool water


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Bestway Filter Cartridge is a Type IV replacement cartridge for 2,500 gal/hr filter pumps. Unless you’re happy to splash and play in water that looks like the bottom of a gravy boat, it’s vital that you replace your swimming pool filter cartridge on a regular basis.

 If the weather is bright and sunny you’re probably going to use your above ground pool on a frequent basis. It’s during periods of regular use that swimming pool filtration cartridges rapidly become clogged with dirt and debris. Before you know it your filter pump is working like a corpse and you’re swimming in water that could easily pass as oxtail soup from a motorway service station.

 Replacing a 2,500 gal/hr filter pump with a Bestway Type IV replacement filter cartridge is extremely simple. It’s also easy to take it out and rinse it, which will help extend its shelf life. However, you can only clean and rinse pool filter cartridges so many times before they catch their final particle of grime and stop working completely. As a result, it’s recommended that water filter cartridges are replaced every two weeks during periods of substantial use.

 If you’re unsure whether the Bestway Filter Cartridge works with your filter pump you shouldn’t hesitate to check your pump manual. The Type IV filter cartridge is just one of the models in the Bestway Pool Accessories collection. You’ll also find filter pumps, cleaning equipment and a variety of other products to enhance your Bestway Above Ground Pool.


  • Specifications: 5.6in x 10in (14.2cm x 25.4cm)
  • Replacement filter cartridges for 2,500 gal/hr pumps
  • Insert Card Dimensions: Length: 18cm | Width: 19cm


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