18ft Oval Fast Set™ Solar Pool Cover

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18ft Oval Fast Set Solar Pool Cover | Swimming Pool Covers | Bestway UK
Image of the Bestway® 18ft oval fast set swimming pool solar cover
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Key Features:

  • Absorbs sunlight & transfers heat to water
  • Prevents dirt & debris accumulating in pool
  • Insulated to prevent loss of water temperature
  • Limits water evaporation from the pool

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Bestway 18ft Oval Fast Set™ Solar Pool Cover insulates a pool to provide the perfect swimming temperature. It also keeps uninvited insects, tree leaves, furry critters and outdoor debris out of the water so that a pool stays clean and healthy.

 The solar swimming pool heater is a wonderful way of warming water without splashing loads of cash. It simply floats on the surface of the water when your 18ft Oval Fast Set™ Pool isn’t being used, absorbing heat from the sun and providing superb insulation. The durable material used to design the solar swimming pool cover looks strikingly similar to bubble wrap and it’s these tiny air bubbles that help to absorb and store solar energy.

 Another fantastic feature of the pool solar cover is how much money if can save on frequently topping up water. This is because it shields water from the sun and limits evaporation. The solar cover also saves money on cleaning and maintenance costs because it prevents scum, grime and outdoor debris from dirtying the water.

 Whatever your pool size you’ll find solar swimming pool covers to match in the Bestway Pool Accessories collection. You’ll also discover a range of filter pumps, replacement cartridges, cleaning equipment, state of the art chlorinators and a host of other products designed to give you the ultimate Bestway experience.


  • Specifications: 15.6ft x 10.5ft (4.75m x 3.20m)
  • Contains carry bag with insert
  • Insert Card Dimensions: Height: 36cm | Width: 56cm