19ft x 19ft Ground Cloth

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19ft x 19ft Ground Cloth | Swimming Pool Floor Protector | Bestway UK
Image of the Bestway® 19ft x 19ft ground floor protector cloth
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Key Features:

  • For 18ft Bestway pools & smaller
  • Hard wearing tarpaulin
  • Protect the bottom of your pool
  • Shelters lawn from overflow




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Only £29.99


Bestway 19ft x 19ft Ground Cloth goes underneath a Bestway swimming pool of 18ft or smaller to protect its base from pebbles, stones, twigs, invasive critters and damaging debris. It’s an incredibly easy and effective way to prolong the life of a Bestway pool!

 The swimming pool ground cloth is laid out on the area of a garden or outdoor space that you plan to set up your Bestway above ground pool. The pool is simply set up on top it. By forming a barrier between the ground and the base of a pool the tarpaulin sheet offers protection from damaging debris and mildew. Should the floor protector become tainted by mildew you simply clean it with soapy water. The ground cloth is also simple to fold up and pack away when a big chill draws in, ready to pull out for a new season of swimming, splashing and sunshine weather.

 One of the biggest benefits of using a lawn cloth is that it protects grass from overflowing water. It’s a fantastic way of stopping the surrounding area of lawn becoming damp and sodden. It also saves you from drowning in muck when you clamber out of your Bestway pool. The floor protector offers particularly effective protection to Fast Set™ pools, which are more vulnerable to damage

 Bestway 19ft by 19ft Ground Cloth is just one of the essentials in the Bestway Pool Accessories range. You’ll also find filter pumps, maintenance equipment, pool heaters and all the latest gadgets and gizmos to upgrade and improve your Bestway Above Ground Pool.


  • Specifications: 19ft x 19ft (5.79m x 5.79m)
  • Fits pools 18ft (5.49m) and smaller
  • Box dimension: Length: 35cm | Depth: 12cm | Height: 30cm


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