Blue Pool Floor Protector

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Pool Floor Protector | Swimming Pool Ground Sheet | Bestway UK
Image of the Bestway® 8 x 50cm x 50cm ground floor protector - foam squares
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Key Features:

  • Contains eight individual pieces
  • 50cm x 50cm per piece
  • Combined size 2m x 1m
  • Durable polyethylene foam
  • Shelter your lawn
  • For any Bestway Fast Set™ Pool


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Only £19.99


Bestway Pool Floor Protector consists of eight sheets of durable polyethylene, which are arranged underneath an above ground pool to protect its base from wear and tear. This can be caused by pebbly turf, pointy twigs, a rogue stag beetle and other ground debris.

The ground sheets are simply placed on the spot you plan to set up your Bestway pool. If the eight sheets aren’t enough to fit the size of your outdoor garden pool you can buy extra packs and expand the area that the pool flooring covers. The sheets have been specially designed to lock together for extra stability and simple expansion.

One of the benefits of the hardwearing floor sheets is that they offer fantastic protection to a lawn. If water spills over the edge it simply accumulates on the surface, saving you from sinking knee deep in sludge when you exit your Bestway pool. The plastic floor protector is particularly effective with inflatable Fast Set™ pools as they’re more susceptible to scrapes, tears and ground damage.

An additional advantage of the floor protector is that it can also help retain more heat that would otherwise be lost through the bottom of the pool and into the ground, for much better heat insulation of your above ground pool. 

Bestway Pool Floor Protector is just one of the must-have pool accessories in the Bestway range. You’ll also find filter pumps, replacement filter cartridges, pool heaters, cleaning equipment and a host of other products designed to give you the very best experience of your Bestway Above Ground Pool.



  • Specifications: 20in x 20in (0.5m x 0.5m) per piece
  • Package contains 8 pieces (1.5m²)
  • Shrink wrapped with insert card


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