3m Hose - 1.5” Diameter

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1.5inch x 3m Hose | Pool Pumps & Accessories | Bestway UK
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Key Features:

  • 3m (9.8’) long x 38mm (1.5’’) diameter
  • Compatible with 1,500gal/hr filter pumps
  • with 2,500gal/hr filter pumps
  • with 1,500gal/hr sand filter
  • Handy spare or direct replacement

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Only £19.99


The Bestway 1.5inch x 3m hose is perfect as a spare or replacement pipe connector for large volume pool filters pumps, and sand filter pumps.

The plastic tube is 3m long and one and a half inches in diameter, which connects with sand filter pumps that have a flow rate of 1,500 to 2,500 gallons per hour. Bestway 9.8 foot x 1½ Inch Hose is also compatible with the Bestway Hose Adaptor. Using the Hose Adaptor with the hose enables powerful filter pumps to operate with Bestway pools measuring 12ft or under.

Even if your existing hose isn’t damaged it’s worth getting a spare for when you’re giving your original a clean out. After all, regularly cleaning your hose ensures a steady flow of water and maximum enjoyment of a Bestway above ground pool.


  • 3m (9.8’) long
  • 38mm (1.5’’) diameter
  • Handy spare or direct replacement
  • Compatible with 330gal/hr filter pumps
  • Compatible with 530gal/hr filter pumps
  • Compatible with 800gal/hr filter pumps
  • Compatible 1,000gal/hr sand filter
  • Compatible with Pool Heater & Chlorinator
  • Content: one hose