10’ X 48” Hydrium Pool Cover

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10’ X 48” Hydrium Pool Cover | Bestway UK
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Key Features:

  • Diameter: 3.55m (140”)
  • Fits 10’ x 48” HydriumTM Pool
  • Strong PE material
  • Prevents dirt & debris
  • Drain holes to stop rain build up
  • Limits evaporation of water

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Only £26.99


The Bestway 10ft Hydrium™ Pool Cover is an absolute necessity for a 10ft Hydrium™ steel walled pool, as it provides cover from falling debris, leaves and insects.

Keeps your pool clean

As well as your water being cleaner and clearer, it makes the work of your filter pump much easier. By keeping debris at bay the cover for swimming pools can save cash on cleaning, maintenance and changing costly water.

Strong and secure

Hard wearing PE (polyethylene) materials have been used to design the above ground pool cover, making it incredibly easy to clean. Among the features are handy rope ties, which are simple to secure to a 10ft Hydrium™ pool and stop it from being blown away in windy weather. Fastening the debris cover also prevents pesky bugs from scurrying underneath it and infiltrating pool water.

Features Drain Holes

Another practical addition to the 10’ pool cover is its drain holes. These drain holes stop rain weighing the pool protector down by allowing it to seep into the pool. The holes are so small that other debris is still successfully kept at bay! The above ground pool cover also saves cash on having to constantly change water, clean the interior and maintain a 10ft Hydrium™ pool.

Prevents Evaporation

A pool cover is also great for preventing evaporation of water which can be very important in hot sunny weather. Evaporation can change the chemical ratio of your pool, so the easiest way of stopping these changes is to protect your above ground pool from evaporation, and, at the same time, prevent water loss.

The perfect size to cover Bestway’s 10’ x 48” HydriumTM Steel Wall Pool.


  • Diameter: 3.55m (140”)
  • Fits 3.00m x 1.20m (10’x48”) HydriumTM Pool
  • Strong PE material
  • Includes ropes to secure cover
  • Drain holes to prevent water from accumulating