9ft Fast Set™ Pool Set with Pump (3,178L)

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9ft Fast Set™ Pool Set | Fast Set™ Inflatable Pools | Bestway UK
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Key Features:

  • Water Capacity (80%): 3,178L 
  • Size: 9ft x 30in ( 2.74m x 0.76m)
  • Includes filter pump for clear water
  • Tri-Tech™ material for strength
  • Flow control drain valve for easy draining
  • 6 months warranty
Now £49.99
Was £74.99


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The Bestway 9ft Fast Set™ Pool is from Bestway’s renowned range of quick and easy to set-up above ground pools.

Easy to set up

Unlike in-ground swimming pools, which require weeks of tough digging, Fast Set™ inflatable swimming pools simply require a flat surface, water access and an hour of your time. You don’t even need to use any joints or fittings!

Simply inflate the ring, fill the pool with water and watch it grow with height and strength as it fills up. Once it’s ready, the 330 gal filter pump, which comes with all hoses and attachments, keeps the water clean so you can keep it assembled in your garden for the whole of summer, ready for a dip at any time.

Despite being unbelievably easy and quick, this pool also comes with an extremely useful set-up and maintenance DVD so you just can’t go wrong.

Easy to take down

Bestway pools have an integrated flow control drain valve for easy draining, which attaches to the garden hose so your pool water can be drained away from your garden – no soggy lawn. And as an inflatable pool, it compress down to a tidy small size for easy storage.

Lots of fun!

Kids will love to be outside playing and splashing in the pool this summer, and before they get home from school, you’ll have time to get on the inflatable lounger for a refreshing and relaxing dip.

Extremely quick and easy inflatable family fun this summer! Happy swimming!


Made with Bestway’s trademarked Tri-Tech™ construction, this material features a 3 ply reinforced layering system; a polyester mesh core encased in two layers of heavy gauge PVC, offering the utmost strength and durability.

Latest Safety Standards

As part of the European Commission’s new safety standards on domestic pools, Bestway was pleased to join the group of European experts writing the new safety standards for domestic pools, and we are proud of our pool range which meets these standards to guarantee a higher quality and safety level for above ground pools in Europe.

To ensure these standards of safety, our 9ft Fast Set Swimming Pool has a safety outlet valve system to prevent any entrapment when the pool is in use and we have also completed a tear resistance test of our Tri-Tech™ liner to ensure maximum quality.

This is an above ground pool and as a result is not suitable for building into the ground. Adult supervision recommended at all times when children are using pools.


  • Size: 9ft x 30in ( 2.74m x 0.76m)
  • Water Capacity (80%): 3,178L (839 gal.)
  • Liner: 6 months warranty
  • Pump: 1,249 L/h (330 gal./h) Flowclear Filter Pump