Lay-Z-Spa Filter Cartridges (2 Pack) New for 2015!

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Only £8.99
New 2015 Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Filter Cartridge 2 Pack | Bestway UK
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Key Features:

  • Fits models MiamiVegasPalm Springs and Monaco
  • Filter out dirt and grime from your spa water
  • Prevents debris from entering the heater pump and causing damage

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Only £8.99


The New 2015 Filter Cartridge is suitable for use in the following Bestway Lay-Z-Spa pumps: 

For Premium Spa & Platinum Spa filter cartridges please see here.

This is a brand new design for 2015 which sees the previous 2 pack of filter cartridges re-designed into one combined filter cartridge. This is still a 2 pack, but you only need to use one of them at a time in your pump housing.

Why are filters essential?

Filter cartridges are an essential feature of a Bestway Lay-Z-Spa pump as they filter out dirt and grime from the water in the hot tub to help keep it clean and healthy. They also prevent this dirt from getting into the pump and heater which could cause damage and reduce its lifespan.

How do the filters work?

These filter cartridges work by catching dirt and grime when the water is pumped through them. As your pump will usually be continuously cleaning and filtering the water when it is turned on, this dirt can quickly build up, especially when the hot tub is regularly used. 

How often should I clean and/or replace the filters in my Bestway Lay-Z-Spa?

Between each use and at least every 3 days you should remove the filters and give them a wash to clean this dirt off the filter. Every few weeks depending on intensity of use, old filters should be replaced with new ones (especially when they become harder and discoloured). The more often you use your Lay-Z-Spa the more often you should clean and replace your filters. Showering before using your hot tub can significantly help reduce the deterioration of your filter.

What happens if I don't replace the filters? 

Failure to wash out your filters can result in them becoming soiled and clogged which will ultimately constrict water flow. This will put extra strain on the pump motor and potentially cause a mechanical breakdown. Poor filter care and maintenance is the number one cause of pump/heater failure, making sure that you have spare filter cartridges an important purchase for trouble free enjoyment of your Lay-Z-Spa!

Top Tip:

It is important to shower before every use of your Bestway Lay-Z-Spa to wash off natural oils that accumulate on your body as well as any deodorants, moisturisers etc.  This will help your filters to last longer, reduce the quantity of chemicals that you need to use on treating the spa and also increase the lifetime of your pump.

You can visit our Buyers Guide area to find out more about Changing Your Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Filters and other tips on maintaining clean and healthy water in your hot tub.