16in Air Hammer™ Pump

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16in Air Hammer Pump | Inflatable Swimming Pool Pumps | Bestway UK
Image of the Bestway® 16 inch inflation / deflation air hammer pump
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Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty pump is quick & simple to use
  • Has an air volume of 2 x 1,500cc (Cubic Centimetres)
  • Easily switches from inflation to deflation
  • Great for inflatable chairs, beds, boats & more

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Bestway 16in Air Hammer™ Pump takes the pain and strain out of inflating a Fast Set™ pool using pursed lips, breathing stamina and lung endurance alone. It’s far quicker than blowing into an air valve until your face looks like a beetroot and a lot easier on the ticker.

 Blowing up an inflatable pool simply requires you to plug the air pump’s hose into the pool’s air valve and pump the handle up and down. The inflatable pool pump is a powerful little tool that packs 2 x 1,500 cubic centimetres of air. The portable air pump even has a deflate switch for when the season ends and a Bestway Fast Set™ pool needs packing up and putting away!

 The cordless air pump comes with three different hose valves that are extremely simple to take off and change around. These valves enable the pool pump to be used with just about every type of inflatable. The pool pump’s heavy-duty construction means that you’ll be pumping pools, inflating beds and catching thrills from Blow-up Betty for many, many seasons.

 Bestway 16in Air Hammer™ Pump isn’t just great for inflating a Fast Set™ pool; its portability also makes it a perfect air pump for camping! The air pump’s heavy-duty construction means you’ll be pumping your pool up, trouble-free and with a sweatless brow, for many, many seasons.


  • Air Volume: 2 x 1,500cc
  • Box Dimensions: Length: 23cm | Depth: 12cm | Height: 40cm